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BOE Meeting Summary

June 9, 2016


BOE Mtg. June 8, 2016 BMS


Dr. Camhi - Once a year we have pleasure of granting tenure - means for the last three years the employees have gone above and beyond to learn what it means to be a part of Baldwin. It is a trial period but it is only like the first mile of a long race. (Called the names/recognized tenure recipients - didn't catch the names, sorry) Presentation honoring the retiring teachers.


Superintendent's Comments:

Steele School 100 year celebration Wind Ensemble Concert at Adelphi on June 13 - performing 10 years of commissioned reports. Student created murals will be hanging up in a hospital.


What the Community is Talking About:

(Today an attorney is present to advise the BOE on which questions can and cannot be answered)


Person 1 - Speaking on behalf of the opposition to the hire of the principal for BHS. "My opposition is that this person has only been principal of a failed vocational school.." (attorney intervened) "Is there something that washes out the data, that we (the 509 people who signed the petition)do not know about the new principal hire?"

(Time was up and her question was not answered)


Person 2 - A comment about administration's ineptitude, placing 25-28 students per class in elementary while many HS classes are under enrolled. Doing it wrong - elementary should have smaller classes and HS should have larger classes


Person 3 - Started reading quote from NY Post about Lafergola...

Attorney - We will not use this forum to badger employees or future employees

"How do you have the gall to have a special meeting the day after the election? You may not do things illegally but you do them wrong. Susan Knors just said the HS is the flagship of the community and you just hired the captain of the Titanic."


Person 4 - I was supportive of this principal hire until she said 10 (audience called out "14") racial incidences..."

Attorney - this is not the forum to talk about it.

-When can we talk about it?

Ms. Doresca - I take offense for you to make false comments about racism. There was nothing said that was racist in