September 28, 2018

February 6, 2018

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January 29, 2020

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PTA Minutes of General Meeting

November 17, 2016

November 17, 2016


PRESENT: K Albrecht, J Alomia, R Bercy, M Caamano, C Carney, J Croshere, N Driscoll, B Donovan, C Eckler, O Estevez, S Fisher, M Hilburger, K Khan, T Kaynak, E Kirchner, K Kucharovic, K Lozada, T Mark, D McKeon, A Murphy, K Reid, M Ricafrente-Biazon, R Simmons, V Sookdeo, C Sostack,


CALL TO ORDER: Christina Eckler at 7:04pm
Pledge of Allegiance, Emergency exits and procedures, no smoking, cell phones on vibrate. Parking rules (*do not park on the east side of Rockville Dr.*), driving precautions.


Thanks you to
-Christine Carney for chairing the Chinese Auction
-Doris McKeon for chairing Picture Day and Retakes
-Susan Fisher and VicMarie Sookdeo for attending the New York State PTA Convention
-Troy Mark and Christine DeLuca for chairing the Fall Festival
- Mary Kate Caamano for chairing Plaza Apparel
-Alicia Spies-Fullone and Mary Kate Caamano for chairing the very successful Miss Chocolate fundraiser
-VicMarie Sookdeo and Christine Sostack for bringing Plaza the Money Math Mania Assembly.
The next assembly will be on Monday and it is about Native Americans.
The record shall reflect that the minutes of our October meeting stand as written.
Each school’s PTA was asked by The Council of PTAs to choose words to describe describe their school. The word that was chosen for Plaza from our list was "immersive." A plaque with each of the words chosen to describe all of the schools in Baldwin was presented as a gift to the Board of Education from all the PTAs. This plaque was presented at the Community Input Meeting last month.


At the community input meeting we also saw a preview of the Baldwin High School musical production of Shrek, which was excellent. I highly encourage you to attend Shrek at Baldwin High School this weekend.
We need to put together a committee of people to serve as the Nominating Committee for next year's PTA Board. We need five people total. Of those five, one person must be a committee chair, one must be a committee chair/board member, and three people are needed who are not committee chairs.
Feb 6 is Founder's Day - Miki Hilberger and Deena Amato McCoy are on the Honorary Life Committee and they still need one more person.
We need another volunteer to audit the books along with Karen Wunsch.
Rhonda Simmons volunteered and was accepted.
We recently received a large anonymous donation of $500, that will help us put on events in the future.


Mr Gray - This is the last meeting of 2016 year, but I am looking forward to hanging out with many of you at the holiday breakfast and the holiday concerts.
We give GoldenTickers to kids for great behavior. We have already bestowed this honor on several children, but the actual necklace have been ordered and will be presented when they arrive.
We are up to the third lesson in the mindfullness curriculum and it has been great for me to interact with the kids.
Later on each child will contribute to a mural with help of a resident artist.
Students are using the new technology in the creative space downstairs. Students had “press passes