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Minutes of General Meeting

PRESENT: A Addai, K Albrecht, J Alomia, D Amato McCoy, C Carney, J Chan, J Croshere, N Driscoll, B Donovan, C Eckler, O Estevez, S Fisher, M Hilburger, G Kaynak, K Khan, C Laurore, K Leonardo, K Lozada, D McKeon, T Mark, G Moran, E Notarstefano, R Simmons, C Sostack

CALL TO ORDER: Christina Eckler at 7:05pm

Pledge of Allegiance, Emergency exits and procedures, no smoking, cell phones on vibrate. Parking rules (*do not park on the east side of Rockville Dr.*), driving precautions.


A vote was held before the meeting to select a new VP of membership - Christine Carney was appointed to this position.

We will need a chairperson for Display My Art Committee

Thanks to

-Kim Leonardo and Julie Croshere for charing the Holiday Breakfast

-Danielle Gioe for chairing the Holiday Boutique. We will have it again next year.

-VicMarie Sookdeo and Mary Kate Caamano for chairing the very successful Holiday Bazaar

-Christine Carney for Plaza Cares Food Drive and the Giving Tree. We received a large donation of clothes/pjs and cash.

-VicMarie Sookdeo and Christine Sostack for all the wonderful assemblies and opportunities they have brought to our children through the Cultural Arts Committee

-Justine Chan for the PTA Newsletter

-Doris McKeon for organizing our last Bus Drill

-Kristina Lozada for attending Board of Education Meetings and posting updates on the Plaza Parents Facebook Page for those who are unable to attend these meetings.

-Elaine Notarstefano and Khem Khan for running the Friday Fun Snack

PARP (Pick and Reading Partner) is beginning on Mon. Thanks to Doris McKeon for chairing this committee. The kickoff event for PARP will be the "Have You Read It" Game show at Plaza at 6:00pm next Monday.

Founder's Day will be Feb 6 - celebrates the founding of our PTA and honors our Honorary Life Award winners. The cost for this event will be between $5.00-$10.00 per person. In prior years this event has not well attended and the majority of attendees are teachers, so we would like to see more parents attend this year. The theme is “Under the Big Top.” This event will replace the February PTA meeting.


Mr Gray - Check website in case there is a delayed opening tomorrow due to weather issues. Happy New Year and I hope everyone had a wonderful break. I am also looking forward to Founder's Day and it is a great night to honor those who work so hard to give our children so much. It is a great time to say "Thank You" to those who give deeply of themselves for the benefit of all our children.

I am excited to conduct walk throughs of the downstairs space (that is used as a science lab and for Team Orchid’s journalism projects) after the PTA meeting - please keep in mind that it does look even better when there are kids in it.

So far Team Orchid students have published 27 stories - they plan stories, gather appropriate equipment, write, collaboratively edit, post stories to the Baldwin Schools web site. The students are doing all of this during their recess time voluntarily.

You will see that fourth grade recently planted in the indoor garden. In the spring we will double the size of the outdoor garden - third grade will continue and second grade will be added in. Our K, 1, 2 Science curriculum has been transformed due to these hands on projects like the garden and with help from our consultants. We will walk you through some examples of the things the kids do downstairs on our walk through following the PTA meeting.

At the Board of Education mtg next week at Plaza - students will also be conducting tours of this space and we are planning a late May/early June Site Based Event that will have to do with the downstairs space.



ELA - We have been busy working on writing pattern books, but will return to narrative writing for the month of January. In reading we are learning about super powers that can help us become better readers. These are looking at pictures, beginning sounds, and sight words.

Math - Addition

Science - Trees in the winter (learned about tree rings - made them with clay)

Reminders/Events - need to learn how to put on/zip coats independently

1st Grade

ELA - Studying non-fiction text features, reading many non-fiction texts and will be writing nonfiction "All About" books

Math - Relationship of addition and subtraction

SS - MLK Jr and acceptance for all

Sci - Water in its liquid and solid state

Reminders/Events - Please snuggle up with child to read together during PARP and discuss stories to ensure comprehension. Please bring in signed contracts and weekly raffles.

2nd Grade did not submit a report

3rd Grade

ELA - Reading non-fiction and studying text features. In writing we are finishing up our unit on informational writing and moving to a unit on persuasive/opinion writing.

Math - Multiplication and multi step prob solving

SS - Continuing to work on map skills and beginning a study of USA

Sci - Will begin studying animal relationships and dependencies.

4th Grade -

ELA - Beginning non-fiction reading unit and will soon start to write informational books as soon as we finish our unit on persuasive writing.

Math - Working on division - please review multiplication and division facts nightly.

SS - Native Americans - studied Algonquian culture and will shift to learning about Iroquois

Sci - Plants - just completed a fun planting activity

5th Grade

ELA - Finishing up their expert topic pieces and will be beginning a new unit on literary essays.

Math - Finishing unit in multiplying decimals and will soon begin a unit on dividing decimals

SS - Civil War unit has begun and we are currently learning about the Underground Railroad.

Reminders/Events - Please check folders for notices. Thank you for your continued support.


1st Vice President of Legislation - Susan Fisher

Bylaws expire on April 1

Our current bylaws were reviewed by The Bylaw Committee and they recommend no changes to be made at this time.

A vote was held to accept approve our current bylaws for the next three years with no changes The record shows that the bylaws were approved unanimously

1st Vice President of Membership - (reported by Christina Eckler for Christine Carney)

169 current members (167 individual memberships and 2 business memberships) putting us

70% of the way towards meeting our goal.

1st Vice President for Health and Safety Doris McKeon

Thyroid Awareness Month - ask your doctor if you should have levels checked

Flu Season - Flu virus is spread by coughing and sneezing. Always wash your hands. If someone is sick in your house you should wipe door knobs, toilet handles, TV remotes…

You are contagious for one day before symptoms show and up to five days afterwards.

Stomach Flu - is different than “the flu.” There are two types of stomach viruses.

-Norovirus - sufferers will feel better after a day but are still contagious - new recommendations are to keep child home for 48 hours after vomiting ends.

-Rotavirus - sufferers can be contagious for up to two weeks afterwards.

On Feb 7 at 7:00pm at South Side High School in Rockville Centre, New York State Senator Todd Kaminsky will host a forum about diploma options for students with special needs

1st Vice President for Fundraising - Mary Kate Caamaro

No report. Was not present at the meeting

Kim Albrecht, Treasurer

Gen Checking Balance - $23,435.20

Savings Balance - $5,941.68

Fifth Grade Events Balance - $11,201.91

Recording Secretary - Kristina Lozada

Please make sure to sign by your name on the sign up sheet

Corresponding Secretary - Jeannette Alomia -

No new correspondence to read for this meeting


Christine Sostack - Cultural Arts

PARP Kickoff Monday evening in the gym. Will accept RSVPs up to Monday. The game show will be starting promptly at 6:00pm. It is a 50 min show.

We won a free show which will be used for a character building presentation for our kindergarten classes

At the end of February all grade levels will participate in a program called The Black History Hall of Fame.

In April a yoga instructor is coming to help all students destress. She is offering a free class to teachers as well as working with students all day.

Old Business: none

New Business: none

Meeting adjourned at 7:40pm immediately followed by a walk through of the downstairs space conducted by Mr. Gray and Dr. Barone.

Minutes respectfully submitted by PTA Recording Secretary Kristina Lozada on January 8, 2017

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