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Minutes of General Meeting

PRESENT: A Adams, K Albrecht, J Alomia, C Carney, C DeLuca, C Eckler, S Fisher, C Gioe, D Gioe, M Hilburger, K Hill, C Hyer, K Kucharovic, K Leonardo, K Lozada, T Mark, D McKeon, E Notarstefano, R Simmons, V Sookdeo, C Sostack, A Spies-Fullone,

CALL TO ORDER: Christina Eckler at 7:11pm

Pledge of Allegiance, Emergency exits and procedures, no smoking, cell phones on vibrate. Parking rules (*do not park on the east side of Rockville Dr.*), driving precautions.


The minutes for the March 7th PTA General Meeting have been posted. Asked if there are any correction. Motion to accept minutes as written was passed. Let the record reflect that the minutes of the March 7th meeting stand as written.

Motion to adopt a contingency budget of $3,000 to hold us over for September.

Motion to accept the contingency budget: Christine DeLuca

Seconded by: Doris McKeon

Thanks to VicMarie Sookdeo and committee for the Staff Appreciation Lunch

Jose and Jeanette Alomia and committee in advance for Memorial Day Parade

Shani Bruno and Danielle Gioe for organizing the cheerleaders

Mary Kate Caamano for the Plant Sale

Elaine Notarstefano and Khem Khan and helpers for Fun Snack

Doris McKeon, Karen Wunsch, Susan Fisher, Chanel Hyer, and Deena McCoy for sitting on the Site Based Team

Justine Chan for the newsletter. For your information, we will now be putting these newsletters on and not in print

Since our last meeting we had the election and the Baldwin School District Budget passed and Karyn Reid was reelected to the School Board.

Thanks to Christine Carney, Kristina Lozada, Jeanette Alomia, Doris McKeon, Kim Albrecht, and VicMarie Sookdeo for running the Plaza student Fun Vote.

Mia Tavaras won the “Principal for the Day”

Need 2 people for the budget committee and 1 person for the audit committee(VicMarie and Susan Fisher are also doing it) which must be done by July 1.

Council of PTAs Luncheon at Coral House was on May 12. Senator Todd Kaminsky presented the Sheila Cohen awards to Mary Jo O'Hagan, Patrice Rachlin and Colette Carrion.


Mr Gray -

It is nice to see you here at the last PTA meeting of the school year. I would like to congratulate Ms Beck for a very successful Field Day last Friday. She had to run the music this year without Mr Nadien.

Site Based Day is approaching. There are days scheduled for parents of students from each grade level to come view our downstairs space. We also planned on day for parents of siblings in multiple grades who can only take one day off work. That day is Thursday June 15 from 8:55am-9:55am. Let us know soon if you will be attending on that day, so we can plan appropriately.

Our Team Orchid program is a finalist in a contest NYS English Council Program of Excellence.

We have some remaining tests coming up like the NYS Science Test for Grade 4

and Plaza was the only Baldwin Elementary School chosen to take a NYS Math Field Test at the fifth grade level.

If Baldwin Schools won't be participating in parade due to weather, the superintendent has said that we will let parents know on Sunday night. If we have good weather and the parade goes on as scheduled please have your children use the restroom prior to lining up.

PTA Installation Dinner coming up on June 20. I hope to see you there.

We will have Early Dismissal Drill tomorrow - Unlike past years when we have dismissed from the gym, this year the children will be coming out from youngest sibling's door.

(asked for questions, but there were no questions from parents today)



ELA - Please continue to read with your child at home each night. We suggest visiting Baldwin Library to see what fun programs and reading activities they offer during the summer. The children can also sign up for their own library card.

Comments/Reminders - Tomorrow, please have children wear red white and blue for Memorial Day. Continue to check the kindergarten Special Days list that went home a couple weeks ago. Mrs O’Sullivan and Mrs. LaVecchia’s classes are preparing for Superhero Day on Friday, June 9th at 2:15pm. The children are looking forward to spending time with their “superheroes.” Mrs. Wilder’s class is planning a Donuts for Dads celebration in June. More information will be sent home soon. Mrs. Wilder's class is enjoying their newly hatched quail chicks. Feel free to stop by at dismissal and take a look.

1 (Mrs. Arrow wrote the update as a poem)


We began our fiction unit

by reading Year with Frog and Toad,

We learned about physical and character traits,

which helped our vocabulary to explode!

We continue to read more serious books -

the same characters with different settings and plots.

We are doing the same in our writing

and our creativity is flowing a lot!

Math -

We read, recorded and compared data

on many picture and bar graphs.

We made and read charts with tally marks

and always had lots of laughs.

We are now finishing up our unit

on shapes that are 3 dimensional.

We put them together and took them apart -

and yes, that was intentional!


We are learning about needs and wants,

goods and services, buying, selling, and saving too.

So if your child asks you for a pony,

say, “That’s a want, not a need, but I’ll read about them with you!”

Comments/Reminders -

Now you know what we are doing,

So here’s some homework for you,

Check your child’s folder, replenish supplies,

and read with your child daily too! Thank You.


ELA - We are working in groups to use information gathered during interviews to write about Baldwin Then and Now

Sci - We enjoyed learning about the life cycle by observing ants and butterflies in our classrooms. We also are learning about gardening and have rotating schedules where we go outside to plant and water in Plaza’s garden. We are looking forward to tasting the vegetables when they are ready.

Comments/Reminders - Field trip tomorrow (5/26) to Queens County Farm. A walking trip to the Baldwin Community Garden on Grand Avenue will occur in early June. Please send in lunch in a disposable bag for both trips.


ELA - In Reading we will be starting a unit on Fairy Tale Elements. Writer’s workshop has been used for our country research writing.

SS - We are learning about various world cultures.

Math - We are beginning our unit on Time and Measurement.

Sci - We are concluding our study on weather and will be starting a magnet unit.

Comments/Reminders - We look forward to seeing our parents on June 15 at 1:00pm for International Day.


ELA - Fourth graders have been reading stories in the fantasy genre and are getting ready to write their own fantasy stories.

SS - We have a field trip planned to the Long Island Museum at Stony Brook where the children will explore colonial life.

Sci - We are preparing for the upcoming NYS Science Test. The performance test portion will take place on Wednesday May 31 and the written portion will be administered on Monday, June 5.


ELA - We are reading great literature and finishing up persuasive writing pieces.

SS - We are learning about the 1950s-present day

Sci - Students just finished a great Chemistry unit identifying an unknown substance through a series of hands-on experiments. Now we are studying the human body and its systems and learning how to make good and healthy choices about taking care of ourselves.

Comments/Reminders - We had a great time at Camp Coleman, Unity Day, and Field Day. “Day in Clay” (which occurred yesterday) was a great time for the students and the presenter was very interesting. Please make arrangements for your child to be picked up for tomorrow’s Early Dismissal Drill.

Other -

Ms Beck -

Field Day was a big hit with the students. Thank you to the PTA for providing water.

As the weather gets warmer, classes will be held outside, so feel free to allow your child to wear hats and put on sunscreen before they come to school. Reminder: All students need shoes with laces that tie or velcro.

We will be learning fun summertime games in the upcoming weeks (badminton, bocce, frisbee) to keep kids active over the summer and going outside.

Thank you for the permission slips for Rotary Track (next Thursday (6/1) at 3:30 at Baldwin High School). This event is open to 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. We need more 4th and 5th grade participants.

Student Council -

During the month of May we held a book drive. Plaza collected 19 full boxes of books to donate to The Book Fairies, an organization that provides books to underprivileged families in the New York area. This week we have been selling camouflage colored bracelets in honor of Memorial Day. All proceeds go to Brick 26, an organization that supports the needs for veterans. They are on sale until tomorrow, May 26.


1st Vice President of Legislation - Susan Fisher

Nothing to report

2nd Vice President for Membership - Christine Carney

We have 186 members at this time.

3rd Vice President for Health and Safety - Doris McKeon

Please make sure your child has sunscreen and bug repellent for this time of year. You can research the best brands of sunscreen on the internet.

4th Vice President for Fundraising - Mary Kate Caamano

not present

Treasurer, Kim Albrecht

Balance in Checking Account: $10,841.16

Balance in Savings: $5,947.58

Balance in Fifth Grade Events Fund: $7,998.53

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report- Christine DeLuca

Seconded By - Elaine Notarstefano

Recording Secretary, Kristina Lozada

Nothing to report

Corresponding Secretary, Jeanette Alomia

Read Thank You Notes from:

- Mary Jo O'Hagan - thanking the PTA for flowers in memory of her husband

[if !supportLists]- Mrs Wilder, thanking the PTA for the Staff Appreciation Luncheon

[if !supportLists]- Mrs. Sussman, thanking the PTA for the Staff Appreciation Luncheon

- Mrs. Murphy, thanking the PTA for the Staff Appreciation Luncheon

- Mrs. Garraffo, thanking the PTA for the Staff Appreciation Luncheon

- Mrs. Garguilo and the second grade team, thanking the PTA for the Staff Appreciation Luncheon

Mrs Steingruebner - Thanking the PTA for field trip allocation money and for the Staff Appreciation Luncheon.k


Christine DeLuca - Fifth Grade Events

Thank you for the field trip allocation money we used for Camp Coleman,

Thank you for all your support. On behalf of the Class of 2017, we will miss you.

Doris McKeon-

Installation Dinner will be on June 20 at 7:00pm at Sonny’s Canal House.

Nassau County Police Reserves Presents the 4th Annual Duck Derby will occur on Saturday June 10 from 10:00-2:00pm with the Derby itself at at 11:00. One duck is $5 or five for $20.




We will be converting binders/folders to USB drives over this coming year. Not all events will receive a USB drive.

2016-17 chairpeople were recognized with a gift. New chairpeople were announced. (Please see the website for complete lists of committees and chairpeople)

Important Dates

June 6 - Fourth and Fifth Awards at Plaza at 9:00am

June 8 - Grade 5 Site Based Day - 8:55-9:55am

June 9 - Kindergarten Site Based Day - 8:55-9:55am

June 12 - Grade 4 Site Based Day - 8:55-9:55am

June 13 - Grade 1 Site Based Day - 8:55-9:55am

June 14 - Grade 3 Site Based Day - 8:55-9:55am

June 15 - Siblings Site Based Day - 8:55-9:55am (RSVPs requested)

June 16 - Grade 2 Site Based Day- 8:55-9:55am

June 20 - Installation Dinner at Sonny’s Canal House at 7:00pm

June 23 - Last Day of School

Sept 5 - First Day of School for the 2017-18 year.

Christina Eckler gave a heartfelt thanks to former PTA President Doris McKeon for all her help and guidance. “I could not have gotten through this year without her.”

Meeting adjourned around 7:40pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by PTA Recording Secretary

on March 27, 2017.