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5th Grade Events Candy Bar Sale

Dear 5th Grade Parents,

We want to thank our wonderful parents and your wonderful children for your participation this year in making your child’s 5th grade year memorable and amazing!

The 5th Grade Events Committee needs your help! We will be holding a Hershey’s Candy Bar Fundraiser this year. Each promised box you request is $60.00 selling each candy bar at $2.00 a bar. You can sell one box or as many as you request. This is not mandatory but we are requesting your assistance to sell at least one box. You would need to complete the below contract and return it to school no later than September 15th!

This fundraiser, beside the initial pay in, can raise thousands of dollars toward your child’s graduation events this year. To name just a few, the yearbook, Coleman Camp day trip and picnic in the spring, Spring Dance, Graduation and their gift at the end of the year and so much more!

Some Important information to keep in mind:

• The initial start of the sale begins Monday, September 25th and the $60.00 is due back at the end of sale no later than Friday, October 20th!

• Each candy bar sells for $2.00 and there are 30 bars per box. The total due for each box sold is $60.00.

• There are four types of candy per box (Kit Kat, Hershey’s with Almonds, Twizzler and Peanut Butter Cups).

• Once you sell a box and return payment, you may sign another pledge form and have your child return the pledge form to the main office and they will receive another box within a day or two. Extra pledge forms will be located in the main office, or you can download the form here.

• If you would like to make a donation, you may purchase a box of candy and donate it directly to 5th Grade Events Committee to be used at future bake sales or the car wash. All you need to do is complete the pledge form below, check off the pledge box and enclose $60.00 cash or check made payable to Plaza PTA.

• Incentives will be raffled off to the students who sell the most individual boxes and the top 5 sellers will receive a pizza party!

• For each box sold, please return to your class teacher $60 cash or check made payable to PLAZA PTA in an envelope marked “CANDY BAR SALE” no later than Friday, October 20th!

• If for some reason you are unable to sell all of your candy bars, please do not wait until the end of sale to return candy. Please contact Candy bar coordinators Christine Carney 516-323-9892 or Marykate Caamano 516-765-6567 so other arrangements can be made.

We thank you and appreciate your support and efforts of this fundraiser!

Please download the pledge form here and return to the main office by Friday, September 15th.

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