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BOE Meeting Summary

BOE Mtg 9/13/2017 @District Office

Anthony Mignella (Supt. of Curriculum and Instruction) - Baldwin's HS Graduation data is trending in a very positive direction. 90% in June 2015, 92% in June 2016 and 95% in June 2017.

Presentation - Highlights from Summer Programs

Secondary Summer Program Goals: -Credit Recovery -Driver's Ed -This year Health and SS classes were offered for enrichment for students who wanted to get ahead. Enrolled 195 students Offered a Regents' review class for the last 10 days of summer school.

35 students participated in driver's ed.

Completion of this summer school program allowed 9 more students to graduate, bringing our grad rate 97% by August 2017.

ENL Summer Program

Serviced 80 ENL (English as a New Language) students this year because they were able to provide transportation. They were also able to increase instructors to 5 teachers and 1 clerical support person. Student teachers from Queens College were also used to provide small group attention. Student attendance remained steady throughout the summer.

Extended School Year Program for students with disabilities

Offerings: -Six week Full Day Program (most impaired kids) -Six week Half Day Program( younger kids) -Four week half day enrichment program -Services only (OT, Speech)

Purpose - prevent regression Taught through theme weeks - carnival, surf's up, etc... Community work experience opportunities were also included.

Summer Arts Enrichment Program Added new theatre arts program this year. 23 students participated in a three hour day (acting, dancing, singing components). Kelly Martin, Dana Fisher, and Tricia Wilder were the instructors in the program.

133 total students participated in the music, theatre, and art programs.

AD - Wants to know if grad rate includes Hastings.

Anthony Mignella (AM) - They were reflected in the Aug figure. Of the 20 students who did not graduate in June, 13 students went to summer school of that group who attended summer school, 9 students graduated.

Camhi - Graduation rates include all of our kids who reside in Baldwin.

JP - How are students chosen for this summer school program? AM - Guidance Counselors identified students.There is a difference between cohort and grade level. Camhi - If a child entered 9th grade in 2013 in another location, but entered Baldwin in 2015 with no credits, that child is counted in the 2017 graduation cohort. If he does not graduate it counts against the district.

Superintendent's Comments-

Camhi - Smooth opening of school. There are some transportation issues. There are some new redesigned classroom spaces in four of our buildings. Goal was to create classroom space that facilitates deep learning.

#what'sbruininBaldwin hashtag on social media

Comments from the BOE-

SC- Superintendent's Conference Day was an amazing event. The imagination and enthusiasm of everyone in the district is inspiring. MJO - Agrees with Sue. Also attended a dinner where Commissioner Elia was the speaker. KR - Followed up on the sign project for Grand Avenue. AD - Have enjoyed all the pictures on #what'sbruininBaldwin. JP - Mary Jo O'Hagan is being honored as a Woman of Distinction by Assemblyman Brian Curran. -Former BOE member, Laura Curran won her primary in the race for Nassau County Executive. -BEA (Baldwin Educational Assembly) is looking into reinstating the Homecoming Parade -BEA is also looking at how we can improve our social media presence.

Board Business

MJO - There are people/groups in the community who want to gift the school district with things like playground equipment. The Board can actually decide to turn down the gifts if they will cause the district an outlay of money for upkeep. These policies need to be posted and clearly communicated.

Approved a pilot program where graduate students from Molloy will provide tutoring services for elementary school students. This program will be held at Plaza School. No transportation will be provided.

MJO - How will students be selected for this program?

Camhi - The school and Mr. Mignella's office will identify the students. The students will initially come from Plaza and if Plaza cannot fill all the slots, there will be opportunities for other students in the other elementary schools.

PTA legislative forum will have a change of date - TBA (Audience member later confirmed the date will be Oct 18 at 7:00pm in BHS.)

School's closed next Thurs and Fri Sept. 21 and 22, and Mon Oct 9.

What the Community is Talking About -

Tricia Wilder (Plaza teacher and Baldwin resident) - Thank Dr Camhi for giving me the Kindergarten classroom of a lifetime. It has been so exciting for me and my students. I invite the Board to come to my classroom in Oct to see my classroom in action.

- Parent expressing thanks for all summer Arts Programs, which her children have participated in. Her daughter especially loved the summer theatre program this year.

- Concern - Resident's children have always wanted to do Summer Arts enrichment, but were unable due to camp. If you offered an afternoon session it might help with those enrolled in the summer camp programs such as the one at Baldwin Park.

- Transportation Service Concern - Children attend Holy Child Academy. Children were originally not on the bus route. Kids are habitually late to school. Had to leave work to pick up children one day when the bus did not come. The bus driver and I were unable to contact the yard by phone. - Dr Draper - An additional stop on the route will be eliminated as of tomorrow. I will look into why you were unable to contact the yard.

- Another parent of Holy Child Academy with similar problems. Has a written record of over 30 latenesses, and a record of accidents for this route. It took three accidents for them to replace driver. "This year's driver told me he has been mandated to get a student out of district and that is why my son is late and he has to redo work at recess that he misses."

- Another parent from same school with similar problems - bus gets his daughter home at 6:00pm

- A concern about mandatory 8th grade advancement of all students into Regent's Algebra. Concerned that in previous years 35-40 of Baldwin 8th grades took Regents' Algebra and this year 100% will. Concerned that this is part of a larger educational agenda to push kids harder and earlier than their academic and emotional readiness and there could be serious consequences. Parent said that herself and other parents will be closely watching the sucess of this initiative.

- Concern about a twenty year old male in a HS gym class with her 14 year old daughter. Her daughter was injured by this boy last year. He is an adult. "I understand that these children have a right to an education, but it does not mean that you should be putting our younger children at risk. Why is this allowed? It would be better if these older students are separated at Hastings."

Camhi - It is the law that we must educate these children through age 21. We also cannot separate these children for any arbitrary reason, such as age. I will definitely look closer into the problem with the Gym class.

- "Honestly I think it is inappropriate for seniors to be in gym with freshman period, especially with a child who is that much older."

- A parent felt the summer reading program was a concern for students entering sixth grade. She said many parents of these students felt that their children were unprepared to do the double entry journal assignment. "I would suggest that it needs to be taught to our students prior to the summer assignment."

Next BOE meeting will be held on Wednesday October 11 at Brookside.

(On that note, I would like to remind you that I do not share these updates with you to absolve you from the need to attend BOE meetings. I write these updates and share them because I believe the more informed people we have, the better and I want to do my part to dispel the crazy rumors that can sometimes get started in our town. But please know that if something in the district is a concern to you, Dr. Camhi and the Board will not know there is a problem unless you attend the meeting and speak up about your issue. They will assume that everyone is happy if they do not hear from parents. I did that tonight. I was the person who spoke about my concerns about mandatory acceleration of eighth grade students into Regents' Algebra. Often I see parents complain about something on social media, but no one shows up to share their concern with the Superintendent and the Board.! That is why I am reiterating that the point of me publishing these updates is not to have LESS people attend meetings. We need to make our voices heard or nothing ever changes.)

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