September 28, 2018

February 6, 2018

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The Plaza Press Winter 2020

January 29, 2020

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Minutes of General Meeting

November 5, 2017


PRESENT: K Albrecht, D Amato McCoy, L. Ardiles, R. Bercy, M. Brandle, M. Burczyk, M. Caamano, C. Carney, D. Charles,  J. Chan, C. Eckler, S Fisher, A. Gilroy, D. Gioe, N. Grogan, J. Hamilton, A. Harrison, J. Hernandez, L. Hernandez, M. Hilburger, K. Hill, C. Hyer, G. Kaynak, K. Khem, S. Khoule, E. Kirchner, K. Klemme, K. Kucharovic, K. Lozada, J. Macias,  T. Mark, R. McGovern, N. Morris, J. Morales-Rodriguez, S. Ramnarine, S. Ricafrente-Biazon, M. Scott, R. Simmons, V. Sookdeo, A. Spies-Fullone, A. Stevenson, J. VonButtgereit


Plaza Staff: T. Barone, K. Beck, H. Cassandro, M. Gilbert, J. Graham, M. Gray, R. Hartigan, C. Weidel, T. Wenskus


CALL TO ORDER: Christina Eckler at 7:15


Pledge of Allegiance, Emergency exits and procedures, no smoking, cell phones on vibrate. Parking rules (*do not park on the east side of Rockville Dr.*), driving precautions. 



Kelly Hill is taking membership for all those who have not joined yet.  Remember you have to be a member in order to be a class parent and to vote on the legislation that will be presented by Susan tonight.  We will also have a drawing tonight for your child to be AP for the day.  If you are a paid PTA

Member, your child has one chance and you have a second chance for being here at tonight’s meeting. Please see Kelly for a slip of paper.


Thank You to -


Costco - for being here tonight to sign people up for memberships and for prividing refreshments.


Chanel Hyer and Myrlene Scott and all their helpers for putting on the Chinese Auction tonight.


Doris and her helpers for running picture day. Retake Day is November 2.  Thank you also to Doris for running our Bus Drills.  The next one is Nov. 9.


Troy Mack and Nicole Grogan for chairing the Fall Festival.  A great time was had by all.


Glinis Hernandez for running her first event chairing the clothing drive.  It brought in $279.40.


Justine Chan for editing our newsletter and running the Reflections contest.


Kim and Renee for chairing their first event - the Kidstuff Coupon book sales.


Susan Fisher for running our Book Fair and the New Parent Playdate at Atlantic Nursery.


VicMarie for all the wonderful cultural arts events and activities this year.  She is bringing The Brain Show here on January 5 when we will have a 90 min show starting at 6:30pm (doors open at 6:00pm). This will also be our kick-off to PARP (Pick a Reading Partner) that will run until January 26.


Teachers and Plaza Staff who signed up for PTA memberships.


Plaza Custodians because all the events  we have could not be held without their help.  When you see them, thank them!


The minutes for the September 7th meeting have been posted.  Are there any corrections?


Let the record reflect that the minutes stand as written.


We are encouraging every child to submit something to the Reflections contest. It can be a poem, story, song. a piece of art, photography, or a dance.  This year’s theme is “Within Reach.” What is within your reach? Please submit all entries to the Main Office by November 1 and see Justine Chan for more information or another entry form.


We are seeking to become a PTA School of Excellence.  I sent out a survey via email last week and on the 23rd.  You will also be receiving another survey tonight.  Please take 5 minutes to fill out our survey honestly.  Our next steps will be to work on our weak areas that will be identified based on your answers.  As of now we have received only a few surveys and we need a greater response so we can move forward in this process. Your answers are totally anonymous. 


On Oct. 25 at the Community Input Meeting all unit Presidents were asked to put an item into a time capsule to be opened in 12 years.  Chanel attended the meeting in my place and we placed a flash drive containing a News12 Interview of Plaza’s Team ORCHID.  We are thankful to Mr. Nadien for getting it done so quickly.


The High School Musical this year is Sister Act and performances are on Nov 16, 17, and 18.  


We are having a self defense seminar hosted by Shunato Karate on Nov. 13 from 6-7pm. Cost is $10 for a family of five and $15 if you pay at the door. See me for extra forms. 


We will be sending home less fliers unless there is a tear off sheet included. This is in an effort to be Earth Friendly. Information will still be sent home via emails and through the virtual backpack.  



Mr. Gray - 

Thank you for coming out. I will make this short  because I know this will be a long meeting. 

Congrats to Team Orchid as they got an award in Albany this weekend,

“Early Career Scholarship Award”

As you know we are applying to be a School of Character this year. I would also like to congratulate the parents who planned and helped out with the

Fall Festival. I thought it was awesome this year.




ELA - pattern books - use sight words and pictures to read and write pattern books

SS - 

Math -

Sci - Tree unit - next will learn about squirrels and how they rely on trees for food and shelter.

Comments/Reminders - 2:45 Halloween parade on the field please pick up kids going home for lunch at the kindergarten doors at 12:05pm and return them at 1:10pm.  Children who stay for lunch can bring their costume to school in a bag labeled with their name and will have time to put on their costumes after lunch. Weapons and small accessories should be left at home.



ELA - solving tricky words, reading with a buddy.  Writing small moment stories - starting with a sketch and ending with editing.

SS - Election Day and Veterans

Math - addition and subtraction, doubles and doubles plus one facts

Sci - Yearlong study of Water

Comments/Reminders - 



ELA - finishing personal narratives and getting ready to begin non-fiction writing.  Reading - character traits and building stamina for independent reading.

SS - geography unit - identifying continents and oceans

Math - place value to 1000

Sci - yearlong study of soil.  As winter approaches we will be setting up ant farms.

Comments/Reminders - 



ELA - small moment personal narratives

SS - US history and government

Math - multiplication - please practice facts at home as well.

Sci - learning about air and working in the science lab

Comments/Reminders -



ELA - reading and interpreting characters and writing realistic fiction stories

SS - NY State

Math - multiplying multi digit numbers. 

Sci - will begin learning about rocks and minerals

Comments/Reminders - Please make sure your child is practicing basic multiplication facts at home.



ELA - improving reading stamina - getting ready to publish narrative writing pieces.

SS - government - next is westward expansion

Math - Go Math alongside Engage NY units - we are also enhancing mathematical skills using the I-Ready program within the classroom

Sci- solar system 

Comments/Reminders -

-Please read 20 min at home daily and log and follow the terms of our reading contract

-We will see Elf at MSG Theater

- the