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General Membership Meeting

PRESENT: K Albrecht, K Alexandre, D Amato McCoy, T Arnold-McKenzie, R Bercy, M Brandle, R Bristol, C Carney, V Campbell, J Chan, J Croshere, P Desormeau, C Eckler, O Estevez, S Fisher, G Foderingham, K Francis, W Francis, R Freed, C Gioe, D Gioe, A Gilroy, N Grogan, L Hernandez, M Hilburger, K Hill, K Khan, K Klemme, K Kucharovic, B Lakretz, K Leonardo, K Lozada, J Macias, T Mark, D McKeon, G Moran, N Morris, M Scott, R Simmons, V. Sookdeo

Plaza Staff: J Graham, M Gray, M Kourie, L Sofarelli

CALL TO ORDER: Christina Eckler at 7:12

Pledge of Allegiance, Emergency exits and procedures, no smoking, Parking rules (*do not park on the east side of Rockville Dr.*) We would appreciate if all cell phones are switched to vibrate for the course of this meeting.


The Board of Education will be here at 8:00pm to do their budget presentation. If we are not finished when they arrive, I will stop the meeting and pick up when they are done. They are on a tight schedule.

Nomination Committee Report

Doris McKeon - (Representing the Nominating Committee of Doris McKeon, Vicmarie Sookdeo, Miki Hilburger, Khem Khan and Grace Moran) Presenting the 2018-19 slate of officers:

President - Susan Fisher and Chanel Hyer

Legislation- Olgarina Estevez

Membership - Kelly Hill

Health - Kim Kucharovic

Fundraising - Khem Khan

Treasurer - Grace Moran

Recording Secretary - Amy Gilroy

Corresponding Secretary - Lucero Ardiles

Plaza PTA bylaws state that additional nominations may be made from the floor provided the written consent of the nominee has been secured and that the nominating committee has received notice at least two business days prior to the election meeting of the candidate’s intention to run. Nacole Grogan has declared her candidacy for VP for Fundraising from the floor.

Each candidate has one minute to speak about why they want the position.

Khem Khan - Plaza parent for over 12 years. Volunteered for various committees before

Co-chairing Fun Snack and Holiday Breakfast.

Nacole Grogan - Second time running for this position. Has four years experience in event planning and fundraising in Baldwin Community.

Membership took a ballot vote and Mr. Gray and Mrs. Graham counted the votes. Result - Khem 33 votes and Nacole 17 votes. Khem Khan will be 4th Vice President of Fundraising for 2018-19.

The minutes from the last meeting dated March 6th have been posted on our website. Are there any corrections? Let the record reflect the minutes stand as written.

Thank you to

- The nominating committee for their hours of deliberation and their dedication.

- Susan Fisher and her helpers for a wonderful book fair

- Vicmarie for spring apparel orders

- Kristina Lozada for attending BOE meetings and posting minutes

- Rebecca for Earth Day

-To all our volunteers who always go above and beyond for our children

I handled the school supply order from school tool box again this year. The sale will start June 1 and flyers will be send home next month.

Display My Art orders were due on April 20th. We will be distributing those items in your child’s backpack when they arrive. You could also have had them delivered to your home. Thank you Amy Gilroy and Julie Croshere for taking care of this.

Just for future reference, all flyers for events should be sent to Vicmarie Sookdeo until the end of this school year and she will upload to Thank you Vicmarie for stepping up to take care of the website.

You will be receiving another survey for our PTA school of excellence. Please take a couple of minutes to fill it out. Our final numbers are due no later than June 1. Your participation in taking the survey is appreciative. If we win this honor we will find out in August and we will receive a banner to hang up.

We are looking for volunteers to assist with the Fun Vote on the day of the Budget Vote, May 15. We need representation in the afternoon/evening to assist the children from 3-10pm. Please see me if you are available to sit for an hour or two.

I need three volunteers to sit on the audit committee. This must take place before

July 1.

[if !supportLists]1. [endif]Vicmarie Sookdeo

[if !supportLists]2. [endif]Sherone Ramnarine

[if !supportLists]3. [endif]Khem Khan

I need two volunteers to sit on the budget committee that will meet over the summer.

[if !supportLists]1. [endif]Marlene Scott

[if !supportLists]2. [endif]Vicmarie Sookdeo

Next month is our last meeting of the year. During that meeting all committee chairs that are leaving their events must have their informational folders and flash drives with them to hand off to the new chairs for next year. If your event has not happened yet, you must have your folders to me as soon as your event is finished. All committee chairs from this year are required to be present at this meeting. Anyone who cannot make it, please contact me in advance. The date of the May meeting is Thursday May 24. Flyers will be sent home this week for committee selections. At that time, the newly appointed presidents will collect those forms and get in touch with you if you put your name down to chair an event. Just because you are putting your name down does not mean you are chairing that event. They will let you know via email and also at our next PTA meeting.

There are still many wonderful things to look forward to as we near the end of the year. Watch for information about Swirl Bliss Night and Field Day. The Spring Concert for grades 3-5 will be on May 14.

The election and budget vote will be held on May 15 from 7am-10pm at the high school. It is important for everyone to vote. This year Mary Jo O’Hagan and Annie Doresca will be running for the two available School Board seats uncontested.

We still need help for the Memorial Day Parade. Please see me after the meeting for more information. Shani Bruno is setting up the cheerleaders again this year. Any child in grades 3-5 can sign up. Flyers will come home shortly. Practices are 5/22 and 5/24 from 3-5pm in the gym.


Finished ELA Test and Math Test is coming next week. 118 students opted out this year, but 41 only mentioned ELA in their letters and will need an update if parents also want them to opt out for math.

Our Character Education Program will soon be featured in a full color spread in a publication

National Schools of Character will be announced from Capital Hill

on May 24. That’s when we will learn for the first time if Plaza is a National School of Character.

I am not outside as often at arrival and dismissal due to securing the premises and following our new security procedures.



ELA -Writing “How To” Books -Will go on a walking trip to Gino’s to learn how to make pizza

SS -

Math -

Sci - Life cycle of a bean seed - we are planning a trip to White Post Farm to further explore the needs of plants and animals.

Comments/Reminders - Check folders for information about trips and special events for the rest of the year.


ELA - Opinion Writing - Reading fables

SS - Earth Day

Math - Measurement with non-standard units - next unit is telling time,

Sci - How fish breathe

Comments/Reminders - Check child’s folder, replenish supplies, read daily


ELA - Researching insects and turning our notes into a research book

SS -

Math - Concluding fraction unit -beginning money- have your child count your change

Sci - Our butterflies arrived! We are studying our habitats and observing the larva.

Comments/Reminders - We are going to Green Meadows Farm on May 11. Please return your permission slip and payment as soon as possible.


ELA - Writing - preparing the students to research a country of their choice

SS - World communities and cultures - we are looking forward to a visit from the Ugandan Dance Troop

Math - fractions

Sci - painting science mural with resident artists

Comments/Reminders -


ELA - Finished non-fiction study and beginning a unit on historical fiction - will soon be writing literary essays

SS - created presentations on Google Slides on topics related to the American Revolution

Math- preparing for the state assessment

Sci - preparing for the state assessment

Comments/Reminders -


ELA - Argumentative Pieces

SS - Civil War

Math - preparing for the state assessment

Sci- Using ESP kit to act as forensic scientists to solve a mystery about powders and crystals

Comments/Reminders - Visited Middle School and had high school athletes visit and share their expertise about transitioning. Thank you to all the parents who have been working nonstop to ensure that this class leaves Plaza with wonderful memories.

Other -

Student Council - Student Council has been working very hard over the past few months to set up fundraisers for local charities.

[if !supportLists]- [endif]The Pennies for Patients Campaign raised $532.42 for children with blood cancers.

[if !supportLists]- [endif]The red bagel lunch raised over $300 for Cycle for Survival, a movement to beat rare cancers.

[if !supportLists]- [endif]So far, Wacky Wednesday has raised over $300, which will be donated to a charity yet to be determined.

Student Council is currently working on fundraising ideas for May and June.

Ms Beck - Will be going outside for physical education. Students may bring a hat and you can put sunscreen on them in the morning.

Unity Day for Fifth Grade is on May 17 with a rain date of May 24.

Field Day is on May 18 with a rain date of May 21. Look for the flyer to come home as to what color shirt your child should wear.

Rotary Track is for grades 3-5. All students are welcome to participate. We need everyone to defend our first place title we won last year.


First VP of Legislation - Susan Fisher

Nothing to report

Second VP for Membership - Kelly Hill

We have surpassed our membership goal for this year.

First Business Member - Joharya will give a 20% discount for PTA members who use her cleaning business. Her number is (347) 639-6874

Third Vice President for Health and Safety, Doris McKeon

Put out a flyer about 25 Ways to Make Kids Safer. Also put out flyer about how whole plant foods helps to reduce risk of high blood pressure and heart disease decrease risk of depression.

Fourth Vice President for Fundraising - VicMarie Sookdeo

We have raised all the money we needed All other money raised will be rolled over to next year.

Treasurer, Kim Albrecht

General Balance -$ 20,942.89

Savings -$5,963.96

Fifth Grade Events- $11,812.21

Recording Secretary, Kristina Lozada -

Please sign the attendance sheet if you have not already

Corresponding Secretary, Chanel Hyer

No correspondence but have information from Baldwin Council of PTAs.

Baldwin Council of PTAs Submitted their Slate of Officers

President, Doris McKoen

1st Vice President, Marci Efthymiou

2nd VP Legislation, Georgia Chambers

3rd VP Health & Safety, Kerry Firth

Recording Secretary, Theresa Press

Corresponding Secretary, Kimberly Bell

Treasurer, Shawna Gourgue

The slate was submitted by nominating committee chairperson, Marci Ethymiou.

The Council sponsored candidate forum scheduled for April 25th has been canceled.


VicMarie - Cultural Arts Committee

This week we had Earth Dome and Sky Dome is coming up (3-5 Grade). This is the most rewarding committee and I hope that whoever chairs it next year enjoys it as much as I have.

Give Back Event - June 8, (rain date June 15) Outdoor Movie - Boss Baby - there will be free popcorn and ice cream for kids

Upcoming PTA training events:

June 14 Officers Training

July 20-22 Summer Leadership at Union College.

Dates to Remember: Budget Vote 5/15/18

Teacher Recognition Lunch 5/10/18

Spring Concert (grades 3-5) 7pm

Field Day 5/18/18

Field Day (rain date) 5/21/18

5th Grade Unity Day 5/17/18

5th Grade Unity Day rain date 5/25/18

PTA Meeting - MAY - Old Meets New 5/24/18

Memorial Day Parade 5/28/18



Meeting adjourned 8:00pm followed by Budget Presentation by the BOE.

Minutes respectfully submitted by PTA Recording Secretary Kristina Lozada on April 26, 2018.

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