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General Membership Meeting

PRESENT: C Hyer, S Fisher, A Gilroy, G Moran, O Estevez, K McEvoy, O Dallemand, W Bruno, J Hernandez, C Ugbala, K Khan, K Klemme, S Bruno, S Diaz, D McKeon, V Sookdeo, C Eckler, T Mark, R Gutierrez, M T McPherson, C Strong, E Strong, R Simmons, M Scott, T Wilder, K Albrecht, R Freed, N Morris, J Macias, K Hill, C Jones, N Grogan, D Rosiello, G Kaynak, L Santoro, S Challenor, R Bercy, V Simsek, D Simsek, N Antoine, L Ardiles, K Kucherovic, C Allen

Plaza Staff: K DiMarco, M Gray, M O’Sullivan, T Wilder

CALL TO ORDER: Susan Fisher at 7:12PM

Pledge of Allegiance, Emergency Exits and procedure, no smoking, parking rules (*do not park on the east side of Rockville Dr. when dropping off in the morning or picking up in the afternoon. No one is allowed to pull into the teacher parking lots. Please drive safely and slowly around the school obeying traffic rules. We are all concerned for the safety of our children.*) We would appreciate if all cell phones are switched to vibrate for the course of this meeting.

Miss Jayne – crossing guard at Seaman and Chestunt: Main concern is safety of students and parents crossing the streets. Fought for three + years to get white lines (cross walk) painted. Being in those safety lines means that if ever there was an accident, car would be responsible. Please don’t let kids out of car on driver’s side – safety issue. Please don’t park in either of the lots during arrival or dismissal (for JCC as well). Have patience with children dropping off/picking up and students walking. Security guards’ main concern is safety of the children. No parking/no stopping zone – please don’t stop or park!

CO-PRESIDENTS’ REPORT: I would like to take a moment to welcome everyone back Plaza and introduce myself. My name is Susan Fisher and I have the honor of serving as one of you PTA Co-Presidents this year. We just had a successful New Parent Tea, and it was a pleasure to meet all of the new parents in attendance. Thank you to Amy Gilroy, chairperson of New Parent Mentoring Committee, and Tricia Wilder for hosting meet and greets at Plaza playground this summer. The PTA is made up of parents and teachers and is an important part of the Plaza culture. We work together with the teachers throughout the school year, bringing you and your student wonderful events such as cultural arts assemblies, book fairs, fun events like fall festival and field day, and picture day just to name a few. PTA is an advocacy group, and we advocate for every child. We work together as part of Nassau Region PTA and NYS PTA to advocate on behalf of the needs of all of our students. This can only be done with your support. Your membership in our PTA is vital for all of the important work that is done on behalf of our students. Joining and attending PTA meetings is also important so you are able to stay connected with what is happening at Plaza. You will meet teachers, and other parents, and make great friends. There are committees and opportunities to volunteer that work with anyone’s busy schedules, and any help that you can give is always appreciated. Please feel free to talk to myself, or any of the officers or committee chairs if you have any questions about getting involved. My co-President, Chanel, and I are around and happy to answer any questions, as well as any of the Executive Committee Officers. Encouraged parents to stay informed and connected via website: (has current calendar of upcoming events and meetings for this year) and Plaza Parents Facebook group I am sure that we are all going to have a wonderful year, and look forward to getting to know you all and working with you.

Minutes of the May 24, 2018 meeting were approved.

(C. Hyer) First and foremost, welcome and thank you for your being here this evening in this sweltering heat. Just by you attending this meeting, you are showing your support for not only the Plaza PTA, but your children as well. I am Chanel Hyer and I have the pleasure of serving as your Co-President for this school year. I am here at drop off and pick up every day, and. I am also available by e-mail any time if you have any questions or concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact me or stop me if you need assistance or to say hello.

Thank you to: • Doris McKeon for organizing Installation Dinner in June and serving as Vice President of Health and Safety. • Justine Chan for serving as editor for the Plaza PTA Newsletter. • Troy Mark for updating the website and for capturing the first day at Plaza with fantastic photos and signs. • Doris McKeon, Christina Eckler, and Vicmarie Sookdeo for chairing 5th grade events this year. • PTA Board members who served on the audit and budget committees this summer. • Christina Eckler for serving as president of Plaza PTA for the past two years. She has always maintained an example of excellence. She has left a legacy that I am proud to be a part of and follow. This is my third year at Plaza and from the start I instinctively turned to Christina Eckler for guidance. Not just because she was the President, but because I knew that she genuinely cares. She cares for the parents and faculty of Plaza and especially the students…our children. This is her final year at Plaza but she definitely left her mark. Before becoming President, she served two terms on the Executive Committee as VP of Health & Safety. During her time as President, she helped lead the initiative of Plaza becoming first a NY State, then a National School of Character and a National PTA School of Excellence! Her commitment to Plaza is undeniable and commendable. This small token of appreciation is given with great pleasure and admiration. We hope she wears this pin proudly and often. Thank you, Christina for your leadership, your time and your dedication.

Introduction of Executive Committee Officers: • Kimberlyn Kucharovic – Third Vice President of Health and Safety • Grace Moran – Treasurer • Olgarina Estevez – First Vice President o Legislation; Banking Committee Chairperson – parents will receive information in backpacks; Picture Day Chairperson – parents be on the lookout for flyers • Lucero Ardilles – Corresponding Secretary o bilingual English/Spanish – feel free to reach out with questions o Corresponding Secretary Report: Read aloud thank you cards from staff: • Mary Sussman and Nicole Jolivet for last year’s staff appreciation lunch • Ms. McCabe for mason jar and teacher survival kit • Ms. Wilder for teacher survival kit • Nacole Grogan – 4th Vice President of Fundraising o Also chairing Fall Festival on 10/13 from 11:00-2:00: encouraged families to attend; there will be a costume contest! • Kelly Hill – 2nd Vice President of Membership o encouraged everyone to join – parents, fathers, kids: Be involved in the Plaza Community! If you sign up today, you will be introduced to MemberHub and have a chance at winning one of several prizes with winners chosen randomly • Amy Gilroy – Recording Secretary TREASURER’S REPORT: Grace Moran Budget was sent home in student’s backpacks: 2018-2019 Total Expenses & Programs Budget - $29,195.55 2018-2019 Ways and Means Budget - $29,195.55 Balance of accounts as of July 31, 2018: Checking - $11,119.95 Savings - $5969.94 5th Grade - $100 Member – motion to accept budget. Passed. Budget is accepted.

COMMITTEE CHAIRS’ REPORTS: Auditing Committee Report – Vicmarie Sookdeo and Kehm Kahn: The auditing committee met on various occasions to complete the audit for treasurer Kimberly Albrecht’s books for the school year beginning July 1, 2017 and ending on June 30, 2018. On July 30th Khem Khan and myself completed the audit for the Savings and 5th grade events accounts. General Funds account on 8/1 with Khem Khan and Rhonda Simmons for cash receipts and 8/10 and 8/14 Kristina Lozada and Khem Khan for disbursements. All records were found to be correct, and it is our recommendation that the new incoming treasurer follows the procedures set before her and continues to schedule a bi-yearly audit of all accounts. The audit was found to be satisfactory. Book fair – L. Santoro (chairperson): Book fair will begin night of Know Your School Night

(September 20, 2018)

Next PTA meeting: October 29, 2018

PRINCIPAL’S REPORT: Thank you to parents who stayed from New Parent Tea. Introduced kindergarten teachers to give teacher’s report:

TEACHERS’ REPORTS: Kindergarten teachers: Encourage parents to come to Know Your School Night Encourage parents to dress students appropriately for heat All classrooms are allowing students to have water bottles (feel free to send 1-2 bottles); be mindful of snack choices given weather

PRINCIPAL’S REPORT: New technology – chrome books: carts for every class in all grades Thank you for adhering to security measures Nassau County Police Department is making effort to have visible presence in schools. Came to Plaza first day. Tickets are being issued, so be mindful. Be mindful and patient when driving. Police intend to be more visible throughout the school year – will be issuing tickets, so please adhere to all of the rules, and think safety. Be careful – if coming late and you need to walk around school through parking lot. Communication home: We have switched over from Connect Ed to Parent Link. I am hearing that messages are being sent to SPAM folders. Mr. Gray will be sending Connect Ed to remind people to look for Parent Link email and redirect from spam folder. School tends to rely on email rather than phone calls. During registration, emails that are provided are entered into Connect Ed/Parent Link system. If you’re having a problem, contact District Office. Facebook: Posts will be moving from Plaza Page to Baldwin UFSD page. There will be a separate Team Orchid page, so be on the lookout and ‘like’ the page to build up followers. Students enjoy having an audience. Congratulations to PTA for being PTA school of excellence. Discussion of increasing security measures: New scan entry in gym to allow classes to go in and out without propping gym door. Panic bars and new cameras will be installed. New classroom doors being installed next summer. Today the school went live with shared calendar to handle parent appointments for safety officer to see.

Questions: Q - Will Team orchid stories be on Baldwin page? A - Mr. Gray will push many out from last year. Q - How do kids get involved? A - We don’t turn down kids. Announcement will be made inviting participants in the next week or so. There will be a separate meeting for each grade. Interested students need to write a letter stating why they want to join and get a teacher to sign, and then they’re on. Kids control how involved they want to be. In October, they will really start publishing.


Call for volunteers for Nominating Committee.

Miss Chocolate fundraiser – Rhonda Simmons: brochures will be sent home in late September. Fundraiser will run from 10/1 – 10/22. Solicited volunteers for distribution of goods purchased. Good opportunity for working families to lend a hand!

Chinese Auction – Myrlene Scott: Explained auction procedure. Last year raised nearly $1,000. This year’s event will be sponsored by local restaurant, so food will be served!

Fall Festival – Nacole Grogan: solicited local vendors for Fall Festival

5th grade events – Doris McKeon: • Car Wash: 9/29 from 9:00 – 1:00; $5 for car, $7 for SUV/minivan with Bake Sale happening at the car wash • Clothing Drive: happening during car wash as well as the Friday before from 3:00 – 6:00; accepting clothes, stuffed animals, toys, blankets • Chocolate sale during Know Your School Night outside of general purpose room

Vicmarie Sookdeo – October 26 will be the Halloween Dance

Plaza Apparel flyers went home – please purchase!

Fun Stuff Coupon Book – Kimberlyn Kucharovic – coupon book is $25 and Plaza gets half the sale price. This year there will also be a code that will give access to coupons via app. Rewards for selling: 3 books = t-shirt, 5 books = long sleeve shirt, 10 books = sweatshirt *Flyers and coupon book will go home in backpacks (one book per family). If you don’t want to purchase it, please just sent it back to school.)

Third VP for Health and Safety – Kimberlyn Kucharovic: Health and Safety Report Provided recipe for healthy meal option and flyer with “25 Ways to Make Kids Safer” (in English and Spanish)

Calendar for kindness – tomorrow is healthy snack

Solicited volunteers for bus drills. Reminder, stop for stopped school buses in all directions.

Box Tops and Reflections – Chimzy Ugbala: Flyers will be coming home soon regarding Box Tops for Education Highest collecting class will get a prize

Reflections Contest – there will be a workshop later in September. Encourage children’s participation; will need volunteers for afterschool workshop to help kids have fun writing.

Plaza PTA Website/historian – Troy Mark: Will be taking pictures at events Fun Snack Fridays will be starting soon (start date will go out on Facebook page or via Connect Ed). $1 snack, $2 smencils.

Susan Fisher – solicited volunteers for committees. Sign-up sheets are being passed around.



Meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM.

Minutes submitted by PTA Recording Secretary Amy Gilroy on September 15, 2018.

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