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Board of Education Meeting

October 10, 2018



Board of Education Meeting - October 10, 2018
Submitted by Tricia Wilder

Audit Committee Report
External Auditor - all good
Internal Auditory - all good


Superintendent of Schools
Redefining Ready - put together by AASA (metrics to determine if students are college and
career ready.) Premise is that students are more than a number, students learn in a variety of
ways, AASA looked at research based organizations and they identified certain indicators to see
if kids were college ready, GPA is an indicator of success in college, absenteeism influences
the chances of graduation and completing college, community service increases college
graduation rate,
There has never been research that says passing regents is an indicator of college success,
The problem in NYS is that to take a civil service exam you must have graduated from high
Proposal 1 diploma with 3 options
This has been presented by Dr. Camhi to commissioner, regents, and it is gaining traction,
people are interested because it is research based, all superintendents in Nassau County agree
with this,
Question - how would upstate schools fair without having the resources that we do on Long
Island, - Camhi doesn’t believe there is a school district in NYS that couldn’t start this tomorrow


Comments/Reports to BOE and Community
Baldwin was in top 4 for School Spirit - air on Ch 12 tomorrow
Be Kind initiative - many schools are continuing past the 21 days
Baldwin Then and Now - Coloring Book done by our students
Lenox and Plaza - PTA Schools of Excellence
Lenox - NYS recognized the PARP program
Legislative Forum - tomorrow night at 8pm
Homecoming was amazing
Shubert School - ribbon cutting with Simon Youth Foundation


Comments from Board Members
Karyn - NSBA - NC Executive reached out to get our take on School Districts requesting
cameras near the school, they felt we should have the right to choose
Sue - Voting Delegate at NYSBA - she will attend local and civic meetings,
Joel - football games, homecoming, band day, PTA Council meeting,
Mary Jo - Refit - guest was Christine Pelligrino, NC Athletic Hall of Fame - 3 from Baldwin,
Board Leadership Academy, Octoberfest at the Community Garden, Ribbon Cutting at Shubert
Annie - Homecoming tribute to Aretha Franklin, Volleyball Tournament


Comments from the Community
Shubert community member - ever since the program at Shubert we have had more police
officers around, not happy with the behavior of the students, fights, doesn’t believe they are all
high school students


Shubert Community Member - complaining about the environment since program has begun,
the kids have been rowdy,


Shubert Community Member - confused about what is going on, brought calendars from last
year and this year, Baldwin High School at Shubert (who made the decision and when) - The
BOE made the decision at a prior meeting, is this an unchangeable decision? No, it is
permanent? Yes, where do these students come from? Baldwin, Do you care what this is doing
to the community - what if I sell my house, suggestion - reach out to the community and educate


Shubert Community Member - 20 kids in front of his attacking 1 student, he had his 9 month old
and 4 year old, he called the police because he couldn’t help the principal, the kids are rude and
disrespectful, police said they looked familiar because they were arrested, kids are throwing
litter on pro