September 28, 2018

February 6, 2018

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January 29, 2020

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General Membership Meeting

October 29, 2018




General Membership Meeting
October 29, 2018

PRESENT: K Albrecht, N Antoine, C Boodram, M Brandle, R Bristol, M Burczyk, O Dallemand, C Eckler, V Eckler, O Estevez, S Fisher, R Freed, A Gilroy, R Gutierrez, J Hernandez, L Hernandez, K Hill, B Hyer, C Hyer, M Hyer, X Hyer, G Haynak, K Khan, K Klemme, K Kucharovic, K Lozada, T Mark, M Hilburger, S Khoule, K McEvoy, D McKeon, G Moran, N Morris, M Ricafrente-Biazon, R Simmons, C Ugbala, L VonButtgereit, T Wilder, M Perrin, M Addai, A Addai, L Bolling, R Belizaire, N Belizaire, J Walsh


Plaza Staff: M Gray, J Graham, Mrs. Cassandro, Ms. Lorocca


CALL TO ORDER: Susan Fisher at 7:27


Pledge of Allegiance, Emergency Exits and procedure, no smoking, parking rules (*do not park on the east side of Rockville Dr. when dropping off in the morning or picking up in the afternoon. No one is allowed to pull into the teacher parking lots. Please drive safely and slowly around the school obeying traffic rules. Please remember that if you are late to drop your student off at school, you must go to the front entrance on Seaman Avenue. We are all concerned for the safety of our children.*) We would appreciate if all cell phones are switched to vibrate for the course of this meeting.


Balance of Accounts as of 10/29/18
Balance in General Checking: $12,172.36
Balance in Savings: $5,972.93
Balance in 5th Grade Events Checking: $10,378.40


Minutes for the last PTA meeting, on September 6th were posted to the website. No corrections – Minutes are accepted and posted as is.


In need of chairs for following committees:
• Memorial Day Parade
• Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Boutique
• School Supplies
• Supermarket Bingo
• Student Contests
If you are interested, please see one of the co-presidents for information.
Upcoming Dates to Keep in Mind:
• Picture Retake Day – Thursday, 11/1/18
• Bus Drill – Thursday, 11/15/18 (volunteers requested to assist)
• Holiday Boutique – November 28
• Brunch and Paint for Parents at Muse Paint Bar in Garden City – sign up online
Thank you to:
• Myrlene Scott for organzing the Chinese Auction tonight and to the parents, Mr. Gray, Mrs. Graham, and faculty who donated to these wonderful baskets.
• BJ’s, Applebee’s, and Starbucks for providing refreshments this evening. Please make sure you show our appreciation for supporting Plaza by patronizing these establishments.
• Nacole and Troy for another great Fall Festival. All the children and families had a great time!
• Lucero for putting out first Plaza Newsletter of the year. It turned out amazing. We look forward to the other issues this year.
• Kim Kucharovic and Renee Bercy for their work with Coupon Books again this year. Coupon Books met its goal, so thank you to everyone that participated in this fundraiser.
• Lois for running a successful bookfair and the helpers that made it run smoothly
• Kelly Hill for first Cultural Arts Assembly – Hispanic Heritage through traditional dances
• Nicole Morris for Restaurant Day at Gino’s – raised $150. Thank you to the families and faculty who participated.
• Tricia Wilder for attending the BOE and Friends of Music & Arts meetings.
• Amy Gilroy for running the New Parent Mentoring Committee and